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Women and girls are competing in pageants at a growing rate in the United States and throughout the world. Many are winning titles, scholarships, gifts, and modeling opportunities just to name a few. Pageantry is similar to a sport and contestants must be armed with the mindset, knowledge, and ability to compete successfully and garner accolades. Whether a contestant is trying to win a title or develop a skill, Manifest the Crown: A Krystle Clear Guide to Pageantry Success is designed to educate novice and seasoned pageant contestants on what it takes to succeed in pageantry.

Join Krystle Bell as she offers a different perspective on pageantry and the knowledge and skills she used to manifest her own crown. She wants to get across to the readers that the ultimate goal is not just to win a crown; it is about becoming the person that God has called you to be in the world.

“A++++” -Damaris D.

“Great read with a lot of insight into the world of pageantry and how to be the best on and off the stage. I love that it is written to appeal to pageant girls, no matter what the pageant system.” -Kerrie W.

“Easy to read book. I would suggest this book to anyone entertaining the thought of entering a pageant for the first time.” -Omega AUNTIE Mothersill, WBLEP Director

“My pageant prep included reading this fabulous book by Krystle Bell. By reminding me to keep my faith and maintain my positive mindset, this book has prepared me for life; not just my pageant. The use of scriptures, affirmations, and goal setting techniques were perfect and very useful. I now walk away with knowledge to help me succeed with pageant weekend, dance projects, college, and life. Wish me luck! Get your copy!”-Ciara Evans, Miss Hyde Park Teen USA 2017

“Great inspiration.” -Belinda McFarland

“I loved the book! I was into pageants in high school so I did relate to that aspect of the book, but I love how a person with no pageantry connection can still get something. I love the lessons like the daily affirmations, developing confidence, and setting goals. The Bible verses were delightful how it relates to the chapter you read. I would recommend this book to anyone.” -Tiffany Ware

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I believe it can be a good book for young girls to use whether they are in pageantry or to help build self-confidence in any area of their life. ” -Sandra Bell