As you know February is Black History Month, and this month we celebrate the accomplishments of the Black race. My race may be known for the Civil Rights Movement and African-American hair care products (Thank you Madam C. J. Walker for blessing our tresses.), but we have also experienced success in the pageantry industry.

Today, there are African-American females that compete in mainstream systems such as Miss America and Miss USA, and the contestants are doing exceptionally well. For the past 2 years, the Miss USA organization has crowned an African-American woman (Kira McCullough, Miss USA 2017 and Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016). This past September, the Miss America organization had one African-American woman in the top 3. (Briana Kinsey, Miss District of Columbia 2017).

Even though we as a society are making great strides in pageantry, we still have a ways to go. Time and time again there is always a discussion surrounding the subject of black pageants, and if they are still relevant. I have competed in two black pageant systems, and I learned valuable lessons from both systems.  In my opinion, black pageants are still relevant, and I don’t believe they are going anywhere. I will give you my top two reasons why they are still relevant.

1. Black pageants give African-American females a space to compete where they can celebrate their culture, beauty, and personality.

As a black pageant competitor, it is important I seek a system that allows me to totally express who I am as a woman. That is not just limited to my career or educational background. That also includes my looks, my hair, and my personality. Let’s face it. I am a naturalista so rocking braids or a large fro is more widely accepted in predominately black pageants than in mainstream pageants. These pageants give us a space to be our authentic selves. Also, representation is key, and it is important that the Black race has a seat at the table. Black pageants have allowed African-American females to have that seat.

2. Black pageants are great organizations for young African-American girls to see role models that look just like them.

I am a big proponent of mentoring and serving as a role model for the younger generation.  It is important for our future generations to see role models that look just like them so they can be encouraged and have the confidence to accomplish great things or compete in a pageant if they so desire.

Even though I am a proponent of black pageants, I am a supporter of all pageants. I think it is important that all pageants allow contestants the freedom to express themselves in a way that is honoring and celebratory.

If you are interested in competing in a black pageant, check out the listing of a few black pageant systems.

Black Pageant Systems

African-American United (

Black and Natural Pageant (

Black Globe International Pageants (

Miss Black America (

Miss Black America Coed (

Miss Black South Carolina and Miss North America Heritage (

Miss Black Universe (

Miss Black USA (

Miss Black US Ambassador (

Miss Natural Hair and Health Expo (


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