Women and girls compete in pageants for a variety of reasons. They may want to try something new, garner scholarship money, launch a modeling a career, or help build self-esteem. This month is National Boost Your Self-Esteem Month, and I want to  share my thoughts regarding pageantry and how it helps build self-esteem. As a teen and young adult, I suffered with low self-esteem and pageantry helped remove those barriers so that I was able to progress in life. Due to my pageantry career, I am a much more confident woman.

So, what exactly is self-esteem? Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. Self-esteem can be shaped by family, peers, environment, or society as a whole. According to Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem, “Seven in ten girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members” (2008). It is important for women and girls to develop a healthy self-esteem so they are able to thrive in life. One way of building self-esteem is through competing in pageants. Now, I know some may think pageants are all about the glitz and glamour lifestyle, but there is much more to the industry.  Below are three ways pageants can help build self-esteem.

  1. It teaches you how to communicate effectively.  One of the key components of a pageant is the interview. Interviewing in front of a panel of judges will empower you to convey your thoughts in a clear and coherent manner in front of a group of professionals.
  2. It teaches you how to be confident. Confidence is key when competing in pageants because you have to perform on stage in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. This performance can include performing a talent or doing an evening gown walk. The more comfortable you are in front of people, the more confident you will be.
  3. It teaches you how to be poised.  Pageantry teaches you the importance of being graceful and elegant on and off the stage. Also, having good posture commands the attention of an audience, displays confidence, and leaves a lasting impression.

All three of these ways aid in building self-esteem. If you are a woman or girl who battles with low-esteem, try competing in a pageant. A pageant will not only help you in that area, but you will gain much more from the experience.

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