I began journaling as a teen in high school. Writing down my thoughts was very therapeutic for me because I was dealing with a lot of emotional issues at the time. Now as an adult, I still journal, but my entries are much more different.

A few years ago I was introduced to Dana Wilde and her Train Your Brain Success program. During this program, I was introduced to the Ten Minutes Before Bedtime Journal. In this journal, I write down my prosperity events, value events, and my daily affirmations. This journal helps me to change my unconscious beliefs so I ccan begin to manifest my desires.

Journaling can also be helpful in pageantry. Journaling your pageant journey can accomplish the following things:

Journaling helps to shift your mindset.

A mental shift begins to occur when you write down your thoughts or things you have accomplished. Writing down affirmations is also helpful in shifting the mindset as well. A perfect example of an affirmation I used is “I am Ms. African-American United 2017.” I wrote down this affirmation in my journal for weeks, and my affirmation became a reality. It is important to write in the present tense what pageantry title you want to manifest. You will be presently surprised with the outcome.

Journaling helps to track your progress.

Keeping track of interview questions that you have studied or how many times you have rehearsed your talent can enable you to see how far along you have come in your pageant preparation.

Journaling helps to track your successes.

Writing down your pageant successes is beneficial. It will keep you motivated during your pageantry journey.

Journaling allows you to celebrate your wins and accomplishments.

As you journal your journey, you will begin to see things manifest. This will in turn help build self-confidence and allow you to attract more wins and accomplishments.

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