A new year is upon us, and I must say 2017 has been quite a journey. I jumped in a way that changed my life dramatically. I learned to walk by faith and not by sight. It was not easy, and I was stretched in ways that at times seemed unbearable. All I can say is but God. In 2018, I plan on handling things better, and I know my faith will grow even stronger. Here are some highlights from my 2017 year.

  1. February 5: I was crowned Ms. African-American United 2017.
  2. March 11: I judged the 2nd Annual Natural Hair and Health Expo Beauty Pageant alongside America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Winner Eva Marcille.
  3. March 31: I quit my full-time job of 9.5 years to pursue my purpose and passion.
  4. May 30: I completed my first book, Manifest the Crown: A Krystle Clear Guide to Pageantry Success.
  5. July 13: I celebrated the two year anniversary of KrystleBell.com
  6. August 1-4: I served on the staff for MacDuggal for AmericasMart Atlanta World of Prom.
  7. August 8: Manifest the Crown became available for purchase on Kindle.
  8. August 17: Manifest the Crown became a #1 Amazon.com best seller.
  9. August 22: Manifest the Crown became available for purchase in Paperback.
  10. September 30: My title changed from Miss to Mrs.
  11. October 28: I hosted the 1st Manifest the Crown author’s event/book signing.
  12. November 30: I conducted the 1st Manifest the Crown Workshop.
  13. December 19: I completed my 2nd book, Affirm the Queen: 50 Affirmations That Empower Women and Girls for Success. I appeared on the The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show.
  14. December 20: I appeared on iWorship 96 FM Radio.
  15. December 26: I appeared on ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama.

2 thoughts on “Krystle Clear 2017 Year End Review”

  1. You empowered Pumps & PEARLS participants and sponsors in December to manifest their crowns and walk in purpose! You are truly blessings others with your many gifts and talents.

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