It is important that you make sure you exhibit quality behavior prior to and during competition. Yes, your interview skills need to be superb and your evening gown walk needs to be fierce, but if your behavior is unacceptable it will create a negative atmosphere for contestants, staff, and/or judges. It is important to adopt the following rules of pageant etiquette:

  • Abide by pageant deadlines.

If pageant paperwork is due on December 31, do not think it is acceptable to turn it in two weeks later.   Deadlines are in place for a reason, and pageant directors do not need the stress of running behind contestants in order to retrieve information.  The only time it is acceptable to turn in items late is if you have notified the director ahead of time, and he or she has approved an extension. Do not assume that the director will accept your late items without prior notification because you may be in for a rude awakening.

  • Be on time.

There is nothing worse than contestants who are constantly late for meetings, rehearsals, or even the components of competition. It is rude and insensitive to be late because the director and staff are taking time out of their busy schedules to make sure you have a professional and enjoyable pageant experience.

  • Refrain from talking and texting during rehearsals and competition.

The text to your boyfriend or the selfie can wait because your focus should be on the pageant. There will be time later on for you to use your mobile devices.

  • Exhibit class.

No one likes contestants who are mean, arrogant, or rude. Check your attitude and adjust if necessary. Also, make sure your attire is appropriate.  The staff and judges do not need to develop a negative first impression of you due to your lack of attention to your wardrobe.

  • Say thank you and have an attitude of gratitude.

It is important to thank the director, staff, and judges for your pageant experience. Even when you do not win a crown or award, it is important that you show your appreciation. Not many people get to experience the opportunity to compete.

Pageant etiquette is crucial. Practice these guidelines as you prepare for your next competition.  They will serve you well not only in the pageant industry but in your personal and professional life.

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