If you have been following me for quite some time, you know I love saving money! I consider myself the Financial Queen, and I will stretch a dollar for as long as possible. October 12 is National Savings Day, I thought it would be cool to give you four ways to save on your next pageant.

Shop for attire via online boutiques/consignment stores/thrift stores. 

There are many places online boutiques, consignment stores, and thrift stores that will sell their attire at a deeply discounted rate. The clothing may be new or slightly used. I once bought an evening gown at a local Salvation Army Store for about $10.00. I wore the gown in a national pageant and won 2nd runner up. Remember, it does not matter the cost of the dress but how you confidently wear it.

Research pageant websites and watch tutorials on YouTube. 

You may not can afford to hire a professional pageant coach, but websites such as Krystle Bell and Pageant Planet offer posts and coaching articles that you can read to learn more about the industry and what it takes to succeed. Also, there are tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to properly give a self-introduction, interview, and walk in a pageant. Most importantly, these resources are absolutely FREE!

Barter for services.

You may not be able to properly apply makeup, but you may have a sorority sister who is skilled at the task. For example, you may ask her to do your makeup for a pageant in exchange for some products that you may make or sell. You get a free makeup application, and she gets free products. It is a win-win for both parties.

Take advantage of pageant flash sales.

If a pageant is offering a sale or discount on registration fees, take advantage! Opportunities like these do not come often, and they are a God send when they do. With that being said, America’s Elite Miss Pageant is offering a $100.00 off discount on registration fees in commemoration of National Savings Day. The discounted registration fee is $295.00, but this sale is only good for October 12, 2017. You can register at America’s Elite Miss to take advantage of the offer. Start off 2018 by competing in a pageant that will not break the bank.

Competing in a pageant does not have to take all of your coins. These tips can help you save hundreds of dollars and help you focus more on competition and less on the monetary investment.

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