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As an African-American pageant girl with natural hair, it is always a difficult task to figure out how I should style my hair for a pageant. The beauty of highly textured hair is that you can style it in several different ways. Even though my hair is versatile, I still have to find styles that will compliment my facial features as well as stay in place during pageant week. Honestly, I am not that girl that likes to wake up every morning to style her hair. I do not have the time nor do I have the patience. In order to remedy that problem, I have incorporated wigs into my lifestyle. I recently discovered Divatress, a beauty e-commerce company, that offers beautiful lace front wigs.

These lace fronts come in several different styles, colors, and textures. You can choose from short, long, straight, curly, and wavy. They even have synthetic or human hair options. The other thing I love about Divatress is that their prices are reasonable. You can purchase a wig for as low as $24.99. The possibilities are wide, and there is a wig that can compliment any style and personality. The best thing about wigs is that they give your hair a break from manipulation, and unlike extensions you can take them off every day with ease.

Now to answer this question: So should I wear a wig in a pageant? My answer is absolutely! Wigs offer African-American women a different way of wearing their hair on stage. Some of us cannot wear extensions due to scalp issues so a wig is our next best option. The next time you are thinking about your next hairstyle for a pageant, head over to Divatress and purchase one of their lace fronts. There is no need to stress about your hair when your focus should be on manifesting a crown.



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